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     Welcome to Fasanlauf German Shepherds here we specialize in Quality Long Stock Coat German Shepherds. Raised and Trained with our family in a home enviroment, not in a Kennel.

     The traininng we offer is to conform to the SV Breed Standard. To ensure the quality of the German Shepherd breed. While also being a well socialized family dog.

     All dog's live in our home as part of our family not in a kennel. 

     We train at all levels frome Basic obedience to Schutzhund (​now IGP).

    AD-12.5 mile run for dog.

BH- Basic Handling including routine.

The first steps required before foing on to IGP work.

    Tracking IGP1  300 steps article identification.

Obedience- BH Routine

Dumbell work on Flat

various  send out with Platz- Long down​ stay

     Protection- Revere, Escape bite- reattack-

long bite, IGP2, IGP3


Dedication and Determination
Greg Goshorn Jr dedicated husband and father of 7 children. He servied his country in the United States Marine Corps. Greg first developed his passion for the German Shepherd breed 20 years ago. Over time he has become Devoted to adhere to training and showing under sv gauge lines.  

Building a Fondation is most important



is not a


Tammy Goshorn  Loyal Wife and Mother of 7 children. In the 90's Tammy started showing and training with other breeds with  AKC .  Her love for the German Shepherds breed started at a young child. Over time her joy blossomed into showing, breeding, and training of her favorite
childhood breed.

The road to success is never easy


The Goshorn's strive to involve the family with the German Shepherds.  It is very important to involve the young, to educated and sculp the right ethics.  Our children take part of everyday care with the dogs. Compete with both showing, handling, and training. 
Last one for now.._Thumper and
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